Certainty of Survival

assembling and constructing of a gas turbine

The standard error SE of log10(N) is used to adjust the fatigue life or the damage predicted to any given probability of survival. Fatigue life data always include some scatter, and at any given level of stress, the distribution of fatigue lives is assumed to be a log-normal distribution. Or stated differently, a Normal or Gauss distribution of the logarithm of the fatigue life.

Surface Roughness Factor KR for Fatigue

Drive spindle

Fatigue tests of specimens are usually done on components with mirror polished surfaces. However, a component with a larger surface roughness will have a reduced fatigue strength. To account for the effect of this surface roughness to the fatigue strength of a material, a roughness factor KR is used. This surface roughness factor is used to adjust the material S-N curve. This article describes the FKM method for obtaining the surface roughness factor and how to apply this factor to the S-N curve.